Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ57
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2002
The Piano Rags of William Albright
Nicola (Nikki) Melville
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Grand Sonata in Rag by William Albright
Scott Joplin's Victory01.I. Scott Joplin's Victory   8:18
Ragtime Turtledove02.II. Ragtime Turtledove   4:14
Behemoth Two-Step03.III. Behemoth Two-Step   4:01
Three Novelty Rags by William Albright
Sleight of Hand Rag04.I. Sleight of Hand Rag   3:23
Burnt Fingers05.II. Burnt Fingers   4:53
Brass Knuckles06.III. Brass Knuckles   3:37
Sweet Sixteenths07.Sweet Sixteenths   5:31
Three Original Rags by William Albright
On the Lamb08.I. On the Lamb   3:26
The Queen of Sheba09.II. The Queen of Sheba   6:26
Onion Skin10.III. Onion Skin   3:05
The Dream Rags by William Albright
Sleepwalker's Shuffle11.I. Sleepwalker's Shuffle   4:12
The Nightmare Fantasy Rag12.II. The Nightmare Fantasy Rag   10:57
Morning Reveries13.III. Morning Reveries   6:53
Total Playing Time: 1:08:56


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