Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ50
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2001
Over the Moon
Michael Udow
David Tolen - percussion
Nancy Udow - Percussion
Daniel DeSena - percussion
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Over the Moon by Michael Udow
Children of the World01.I. Children of the World   3:35
Lightly a New Moon02.II. Lightly a New Moon   1:59
A Ragged Phantom03.III. A Ragged Phantom   2:32
Turning from Watching the Moon and Sunflower04.IV. Turning from Watching the Moon and Sunflower   3:49
Cuckoo, if You Must05.V. Cuckoo, if You Must   2:20
Low Clouds Are Shattered06.VI. Low Clouds Are Shattered   1:36
Low Clouds reprise07.VII. Low Clouds reprise   0:33
Sunflower (with Low Clouds reprise)08.VIII. Sunflower (with Low Clouds reprise)   1:12
If My Complaining Wife09.IX. If My Complaining Wife   3:43
Moon Moves Down the Sky10.X. Moon Moves Down the Sky   2:18
Broken and Broken Again11.XI. Broken and Broken Again   2:23
A Small Hungry Child12.XII. A Small Hungry Child   0:30
Oh That Moon Last Night!13.XIII. Oh That Moon Last Night!   1:04
Tennei-Ji by Michael Udow
Smallest Hidden Stone14.I. Smallest Hidden Stone   1:03
Alone in the Night15.II. Alone in the Night   0:47
Strength is from Within16.III. Strength is from Within   0:27
Mist Floats Gently17.IV. Mist Floats Gently   0:44
Life Springs From the Earth18.V. Life Springs From the Earth   2:26
The Old Tree Listens19.VI. The Old Tree Listens   2:05
Butterflies Dancing20.VII. Butterflies Dancing   0:14
Deep Wtihin the Stone21.VIII. Deep Wtihin the Stone   0:38
How Do I Know22.IX. How Do I Know   3:17
Zig-Zag23.X. Zig-Zag   10:14
With: David Tolen - percussion, Daniel DeSena - percussion
Stepping on Stars24.Stepping on Stars   25:09
Total Playing Time: 1:14:38


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