Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ5
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 1997
Verederos: Music for Flute and Percussion
Payton MacDonald
Jessica Johnson - flute
Payton MacDonald - marimba, vibraphone, percussion
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Prelude #101.Payton MacDonald: Prelude #1   2:26
Lou Harrison: Concerto #1 for Flute and Percussion
Earnest, Fresh, and Fastish02.I. Earnest, Fresh, and Fastish   1:58
Slow and Poignant03.II. Slow and Poignant   3:42
Strong, Swinging, and Fastish04.III. Strong, Swinging, and Fastish   2:06
Payton MacDonald: Eros
I.05.I.   2:19
II.06.II.   1:54
III.07.III.   3:50
Dreams from a Bayou, Long Ago But Not Forgotten08.Michael Udow: Dreams from a Bayou, Long Ago But Not Forgotten   14:21
Devil Dance09.Payton MacDonald: Devil Dance   4:03
Honami10.Wil Offermans: Honami   7:44
Cindy McTee: Stepping Out
Allegro, con Brio11.I. Allegro, con Brio   1:03
Stepping Out - Lento, con Passione12.II. Stepping Out - Lento, con Passione   2:30
Allegro, con Zelo13.III. Allegro, con Zelo   2:03
Payton MacDonald: Tales of Conquest
I.14.I.   1:29
II.15.II.   2:42
III.16.III.   3:18
Payton MacDonald, Jessica Johnson: Episodes of the Postmodern Soul
I.17.I.   5:34
II.18.II.   6:44
Total Playing Time: 1:09:46


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