Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ42
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2002
Joaquin Turina
Meadowmount Trio
Jiri Zigmund - viola
Owen Carman - cello
Stephen Shipps - violin
Eric Larsen - piano
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Trio #1 for Piano, Violin, and Cello, Op. 35 by Joaquín Turina
Prélude et Fugue: Lento - Andante - Allegretto01.I. Prélude et Fugue: Lento - Andante - Allegretto   6:54
Thème et Variations02.II. Thème et Variations   8:39
Sonate: Allegro03.III. Sonate: Allegro   6:51
Trio #2 for Piano, Violin, and Cello, Op. 76 by Joaquín Turina
Lento, Allegro molto maderato04.I. Lento, Allegro molto maderato   7:02
Molto vivace05.II. Molto vivace   2:42
Lento, Andante mosso, Allegretto06.III. Lento, Andante mosso, Allegretto   5:33
Circulo..., Fantasia for Piano, Violin, and Cello, Op. 91 by Joaquín Turina
Amanecer07.I. Amanecer   4:05
Mediodia08.II. Mediodia   2:29
Crepúsculo09.III. Crepúsculo   4:09
Quartet in A Minor for Piano, Violin Viola, and Cello, Op. 67 by Joaquín Turina
Lento10.I. Lento   6:41
Jiri Zigmund - viola
Vivo11.II. Vivo   3:49
Jiri Zigmund - viola
Andante-Allegretto-Allegro Molto12.III. Andante-Allegretto-Allegro Molto   7:33
Jiri Zigmund - viola
Total Playing Time: 1:06:27


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