Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ23
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 1999
Flights of Imagination: Chamber Music of Steven Winteregg
Richard Chenoweth
Various Artists
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Pastiche by Steven Winteregg
Slow, Suddenly Faster01.I. Slow, Suddenly Faster   2:19
Slow with Rubato02.II. Slow with Rubato   3:48
Fast03.III. Fast   1:10
Lively04.IV. Lively   1:40
Three Moods by Steven Winteregg
Dramatic05.I. Dramatic   3:39
Lyrical06.II. Lyrical   2:10
Playful07.III. Playful   2:20
Invocation08.Invocation from Winteregg   4:11
Divertimento by Steven Winteregg
March09.I. March   1:38
Scherzo10.II. Scherzo   1:30
Meditation11.III. Meditation   2:11
Crotchets12.IV. Crotchets   1:59
Flights of Imagination by Steven Winteregg
Fallen Angels13.I. Fallen Angels   2:31
Sheol14.II. Sheol   4:17
Rider of the Clouds15.III. Rider of the Clouds   3:23
Vignettes by Steven Winteregg
Richard16.I. Richard   1:19
Marianne17.II. Marianne   2:38
Erica18.III. Erica   1:46
Andrea19.IV. Andrea   2:26
Christopher20.V. Christopher   1:59
Capital Dances by Steven Winteregg
A Satiric Dance21.I. A Satiric Dance   1:25
A Simple Dance22.II. A Simple Dance   1:42
A Congressional Dance23.III. A Congressional Dance   1:20
A Jazzy Dance24.IV. A Jazzy Dance   1:26
Blue Soliloquay25.Blue Soliloquay   4:58


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