Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ162
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2021
Fresh Ink
Duo Entre-Nous
Jackie Glazier - Clarinet
Don-Paul Kahl - Saxophone
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Yotam Haber: Purity Guaranteed
Skeleton Time01.I. Skeleton Time   1:33
Flesh Time02.II. Flesh Time   2:06
Skin Time03.III. Skin Time   2:18
Foam & Sun04.Yuanyuan (Kay) He: Foam & Sun   8:38
Max Grafe: Anemoi Dances
Boreas05.I. Boreas   2:35
Zephyrus06.II. Zephyrus   1:24
Notus07.III. Notus   1:00
Eurus08.IV. Eurus   3:23
Double Fault09.Robert Lemay: Double Fault   4:05
Ron Amchin: Toons
The Road Runner's Dash10.I. The Road Runner's Dash   1:35
The Bassinet11.II. The Bassinet   2:44
Vamoose!12.III. Vamoose!   3:41
Air Mirrors13.María Eugenia Luc: Air Mirrors   10:04
Circling14.Yunfei Li: Circling   4:31
David Biedenbender: between us
What is?15.I. What is?   2:05
entre nous16.II. entre nous   7:22
Metaxy17.III. Metaxy   3:09
Total Playing Time: 1:02:13


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