Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ15
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 1998
Nocturnes: Twentieth Century Music for Voice, Horn & Piano
The Cantecor Trio
Linda June Snyder - soprano
Richard Chenoweth - horn
Eric Street - piano
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Arnold Cooke: Nocturnes: A Cycle of Five Songs
The Moon (Percy Shelley)01.I. The Moon (Percy Shelley)   2:47
Returning, We Hear the Larks (Issac Rosenberg)02.II. Returning, We Hear the Larks (Issac Rosenberg)   2:45
River Roses (D.H. Lawrence)03.III. River Roses (D.H. Lawrence)   3:04
The Owl (Alfred Lord Tennyson)04.IV. The Owl (Alfred Lord Tennyson)   1:12
Boat Song (John Davidson)05.V. Boat Song (John Davidson)   2:37
Tonight I Can Fly (William Ferrara)06.Eric Street: Tonight I Can Fly (William Ferrara)   2:31
Death Be Not Proud (John Donne)07.Donald Busarow: Death Be Not Proud (John Donne)   6:32
Steven Winteregg: Three City Songs (From Smoke & Steel by Carl Sandburg)
Eleventh Avenue Racket08.I. Eleventh Avenue Racket   2:07
The Skyscraper Loves Night09.II. The Skyscraper Loves Night   3:36
Honky-Tonk in Cleveland, Ohio10.III. Honky-Tonk in Cleveland, Ohio   2:51
Peggy Glanville-Hicks: Thomsoniana
Stravinski11.I. Stravinski   2:03
Ansermet12.II. Ansermet   3:22
Schoenberg13.III. Schoenberg   2:16
Satie14.IV. Satie   1:34
Clifford Curzon15.V. Clifford Curzon   1:17
Auntie's Skirts (Robert Louis Stevenson)16.Ronald Perera: Auntie's Skirts (Robert Louis Stevenson)   1:23
Chocolate Kisses17.Eric Street: Chocolate Kisses   6:34


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