Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ146
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2017
Step Inside: New American Music for Saxophone and Percussion
Rogue Two
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Step Inside01.Greg Simon: Step Inside   8:32
Reflections on the Nature of Impermanence02.Jay C. Batzner: Reflections on the Nature of Impermanence   7:55
Steve Hicken: Two Fragments
When Nothing Happens03.I. When Nothing Happens   3:09
Time’s Arrow04.II. Time’s Arrow   2:55
Steve Hicken: Two Fragments
When Nothing Happens05.I. When Nothing Happens   3:09
Time’s Arrow06.II. Time’s Arrow   2:55
Leda Monologue07.Jesse Jones: Leda Monologue   7:52
Buckle Up08.Jamie Whitmarsh: Buckle Up   3:18
Andy Francis: Serenity
Cadenza-Clouded09.I. Cadenza-Clouded   5:40
Scherzo-Recollection10.II. Scherzo-Recollection   3:54
Chaconne-Serenity11.III. Chaconne-Serenity   5:28
Andy Francis: Serenity
Cadenza-Clouded12.I. Cadenza-Clouded   5:40
Scherzo-Recollection13.II. Scherzo-Recollection   3:54
Chaconne-Serenity14.III. Chaconne-Serenity   5:28
Andy Francis: Serenity
Cadenza-Clouded15.I. Cadenza-Clouded   5:40
Scherzo-Recollection16.II. Scherzo-Recollection   3:54
Chaconne-Serenity17.III. Chaconne-Serenity   5:28
Get It!18.Gene Koshinski: Get It!   4:09


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