Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ139
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2014
Lessons of the Sky
Leaman & Rackers Duo
Clifford Leaman - saxophone
Joseph Rackers - piano
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Lessons of the Sky01.Rodney Rogers: Lessons of the Sky   8:27
Fernande Decruck: Sonate en Ut#
Très modéré02.I. Très modéré   4:48
Andante03.II. Andante   3:04
Fileuse04.III. Fileuse   1:57
Nocturne et final05.IV. Nocturne et final   4:17
John Fitz Rogers: Breaking
Break Open06.I. Break Open   1:48
Break With07.II. Break With   2:04
Break In08.III. Break In   1:06
Break Into09.IV. Break Into   1:56
Break Off10.V. Break Off   0:41
Break Down11.VI. Break Down   2:49
Break Up12.VII. Break Up   1:17
Break Free13.VIII. Break Free   1:45
Break Through14.IX. Break Through   1:43
Break Away15.X. Break Away   2:02
David Amram: Greenwich Village Portraits
MacDougal Street (For Arthur Miller)16.I. MacDougal Street (For Arthur Miller)   6:10
Bleecker Street (For Odetta)17.II. Bleecker Street (For Odetta)   7:24
Christopher Street (For Frank McCourt)18.III. Christopher Street (For Frank McCourt)   7:22
Klonos19.Piet Swerts: Klonos   6:23
Total Playing Time: 1:07:03


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