Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ12
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 1998
Paul Hindemith: Ludus tonalis and Reihe kleiner Stücke
Siglind Bruhn
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Ludus tonalis by Paul Hindemith
Praludium01.I. Praludium   3:09
Fuga prima In C (Slow)02.II. Fuga prima In C (Slow)   2:14
Interludium (Moderate, with Energy)03.III. Interludium (Moderate, with Energy)   1:26
Fuga secunda In G (Gay)04.IV. Fuga secunda In G (Gay)   1:36
Interludium (Pastorale, Moderate)05.V. Interludium (Pastorale, Moderate)   1:02
Fuga tertia in F (Andante)06.VI. Fuga tertia in F (Andante)   2:10
Interludium (Scherzando)07.VII. Interludium (Scherzando)   1:24
Fuga quarta in A (With Energy)08.VIII. Fuga quarta in A (With Energy)   2:38
Interludium (Fast)09.IX. Interludium (Fast)   1:23
Fuga quinta In E (Fast)10.X. Fuga quinta In E (Fast)   1:22
Interludium (Moderate)11.XI. Interludium (Moderate)   1:06
Fuga sexta In E-Flat (Quiet)12.XII. Fuga sexta In E-Flat (Quiet)   2:26
Interludium (March)13.XIII. Interludium (March)   2:03
Fuga septima in A-Flat (Moderate)14.XIV. Fuga septima in A-Flat (Moderate)   1:42
Interludium (Very Broad)15.XV. Interludium (Very Broad)   1:42
Fuga octava in D (With Strength)16.XVI. Fuga octava in D (With Strength)   1:08
Interludium (Very Fast)17.XVII. Interludium (Very Fast)   1:35
Fuga nona In B-Flat (Moderate, scherzando)18.XVIII. Fuga nona In B-Flat (Moderate, scherzando)   2:14
Interludium (Very Quiet)19.XIX. Interludium (Very Quiet)   2:05
Fuga decima In D-Flat (Moderately Fast, grazioso)20.XX. Fuga decima In D-Flat (Moderately Fast, grazioso)   1:46
Interludium (Allegro pesante)21.XXI. Interludium (Allegro pesante)   2:03
Fuga undecima in B: Canon (Slow)22.XXII. Fuga undecima in B: Canon (Slow)   1:24
Interludium (Valse)23.XXIII. Interludium (Valse)   1:39
Fuga duodecima in F-Sharp (Very Quiet)24.XXIV. Fuga duodecima in F-Sharp (Very Quiet)   2:22
Postludium25.XXV. Postludium   2:54
Piano Music II, 13 Short Pieces, Op. 37/2 by Paul Hindemith
No. 1, Einleitung und Lied26.I. No. 1, Einleitung und Lied   4:40
No. 2, Lebhaft27.II. No. 2, Lebhaft   0:50
No. 3, Leicht bewegte ganze Takte28.III. No. 3, Leicht bewegte ganze Takte   1:03
No. 4, Langsam, ein wenig rubato29.IV. No. 4, Langsam, ein wenig rubato   2:13
No. 5, Ausserst lebhaft30.V. No. 5, Ausserst lebhaft   1:34
No. 6, Ziemlich lebhafte Achtel31.VI. No. 6, Ziemlich lebhafte Achtel   1:41
No. 7, Ziemlich lebhafte Viertel32.VII. No. 7, Ziemlich lebhafte Viertel   1:14
No. 8, Trio I. Ruhig bewegte Achtel33.VIII. No. 8, Trio I. Ruhig bewegte Achtel   2:14
No. 9, Trio II. Ziemlich schnell34.IX. No. 9, Trio II. Ziemlich schnell   1:27
No. 10, Trio III. Massig schnelle Halbe35.X. No. 10, Trio III. Massig schnelle Halbe   1:39
No. 11, Langsam und zart36.XI. No. 11, Langsam und zart   2:32
No. 12, Lustig, massig schnell37.XII. No. 12, Lustig, massig schnell   0:45
No. 13, Lebhaft, frisch38.XIII. No. 13, Lebhaft, frisch   1:36
Total Playing Time: 1:10:01


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