Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: EQ105
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2011
Movement in Time
Philadelphia Percussion Project
Marshall Taylor - alto saxophone
Hirono Oka - violin
Chantal Julliet - violin
Angela Zator Nelson - percussion
Anthony Orlando - percussion
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Maurice Wright: Grand Duo
Hurried01.I. Hurried   1:39
Brisk, Strong02.II. Brisk, Strong   2:07
Uneasily03.III. Uneasily   2:17
Lyrical04.IV. Lyrical   3:34
Deliberate05.V. Deliberate   2:24
Nick Rissman: McCoy's Mountain
Arrival at the Mountain06.I. Arrival at the Mountain   3:08
Soft Creek07.II. Soft Creek   4:27
Wild Ride08.III. Wild Ride   3:49
Movement In Time09.Maurice Wright: Movement In Time   12:30
Scherzo for Violin, Piano & Vibraphone10.Nick Rissman: Scherzo for Violin, Piano & Vibraphone   10:49
Maurice Wright: Suite for Percussion & Electronic Sound
Marimba Music; Interlude11.I. Marimba Music; Interlude   10:29
Set-Up Music12.II. Set-Up Music   12:27
Encounters IX13.William Kraft: Encounters IX   9:53
With: Marshall Taylor - alto saxophone
Total Playing Time: 1:19:33


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