Label: Soundset Recordings
Item Number: DZ-1000
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2007
The Four Seasons Grand Suite
Annette Kruisbrink
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SPRING SUITE by Annette Kruisbrink
Nature awakens01.I. Nature awakens   1:31
A new freshness02.II. A new freshness   2:18
Birds preparing their nests03.III. Birds preparing their nests   1:46
First steps of the fawn04.IV. First steps of the fawn   1:22
The brook05.V. The brook   1:56
Divine song of the nightingale06.VI. Divine song of the nightingale   2:11
March of the snail07.VII. March of the snail   1:57
White tulips among the grass08.VIII. White tulips among the grass   2:08
SUMMER SUITE by Annette Kruisbrink
The sun rises to its zenith09.I. The sun rises to its zenith   2:10
Bees collecting nectar10.II. Bees collecting nectar   1:56
The frog and the water lily11.III. The frog and the water lily   1:29
The sea, touching the beach12.IV. The sea, touching the beach   3:08
The sunflower13.V. The sunflower   2:16
A thunderstorm is gathering14.VI. A thunderstorm is gathering   1:38
The sun, disappearing behind the horizon15.VII. The sun, disappearing behind the horizon   3:17
AUTUMN SUITE by Annette Kruisbrink
The wind that blows16.I. The wind that blows   1:16
Dance of the spider17.II. Dance of the spider   0:56
Withered leaf18.III. Withered leaf   1:41
Pearles of rain19.IV. Pearles of rain   1:26
Fog on the lake20.V. Fog on the lake   1:33
The last flights of the swallows21.VI. The last flights of the swallows   1:29
The chestnut tree22.VII. The chestnut tree   2:20
Gusts of wind23.VIII. Gusts of wind   1:23
The first snowflakes24.IX. The first snowflakes   1:58
WINTER SUITE by Annette Kruisbrink
The sky is grey and dull25.I. The sky is grey and dull   2:56
The owl heralds the cold26.II. The owl heralds the cold   1:27
The snow, whirling about monotonously27.III. The snow, whirling about monotonously   2:16
Ice crystals28.IV. Ice crystals   1:31
The moon illuminates the silent trees29.V. The moon illuminates the silent trees   3:14
Animal footprints30.VI. Animal footprints   1:49
Flowers attempting to bloom31.VII. Flowers attempting to bloom   2:30
Total Playing Time: 1:00:48


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