Label: Productions d'Oz
Item Number: DO753
Format: Download
Year Recorded: 2011
Golfam Khayam
Slavash Roshan - Oud
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Omar's Fancy01.Omar's Fancy   4:49
Persian Miniatures by Dusan Bogdanovic
Flower Promenade02.I. Flower Promenade   2:00
Rubab Player03.II. Rubab Player   1:08
A Page from a Sonnet04.III. A Page from a Sonnet   3:41
The Prince and the Ascetic05.IV. The Prince and the Ascetic   0:48
Bird and Flower06.V. Bird and Flower   1:53
Byzantine Theme and Variations by Dusan Bogdanovic
Theme07.I. Theme   1:30
Variation No. 108.II. Variation No. 1   1:56
Variation No. 209.III. Variation No. 2   5:33
Variation No. 310.IV. Variation No. 3   11:09
Variation No. 411.V. Variation No. 4   6:07
Fantasia: Hommage a Maurice Ohana12.Fantasia: Hommage a Maurice Ohana   5:27


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