Label: Equilibrium
Item Number: APGBRT
Format: 2-DVD Set
Year Recorded: 2018
The Gaubert Cycle: The Complete Works for Flute and Piano
Amy Porter
Tim Carey - piano
Penelope Fischer - historical commentary
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The Gaubert Cycle by Philippe Gaubert
01.I. Historical Commentary with Dr. Penelope Fischer   
02.II. Study Guide: Romance (1905)   
03.III. Romance (1905)   
04.IV. Study Guide: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando (1906)   
05.V. Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando (1906)   
06.VI. Study Guide: Berceuse (1907)   
07.VII. Berceuse (1907)   
08.VIII. Study Guide: Romance (1908)   
09.IX. Romance (1908)   
10.X. Study Guide: Fantaisie (1912)   
11.XI. Fantaisie (1912)   
12.XII. Study Guide: Sicilienne (1908/1914)   
13.XIII. Sicilienne (1908/1914)   
14.XIV. Study Guide: Deux Esquisses (1914)   
15.XV. Deux Esquisses (1914)   
16.XVI. Study Guide: Madrigal (1908)   
17.XVII. Madrigal (1908)   
18.XVIII. Study Guide: Divertissement Grec (1909)   
19.XIX. Divertissement Grec (1909)   
20.XX. Study Guide: Sur l'eau (1910)   
21.XXI. Sur l'eau (1910)   
22.XXII. Study Guide: Sonata in A (1918)   
23.XXIII. Sonata in A (1918)   
Disk 2
01.XXIV. Study Guide: Suite (1921)   
02.XXV. Suite (1921)   
03.XXVI. Study Guide: Deuxieme Sonata (1924)   
04.XXVII. Deuxieme Sonata (1924)   
05.XXVIII. Study Guide: Ballade (1927)   
06.XXIX. Ballade (1927)   
07.XXX. Study Guide: Troisienne Sonata (1933)   
08.XXXI. Troisienne Sonata (1933)   
09.XXXII. Study Guide: Sonatine Quasi Fantasia (1935)   
10.XXXIII. Sonatine Quasi Fantasia (1935)   
11.XXXIV. Credits / Outtakes   
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