Label: Luca Luciano
Item Number: NSR-1000456
Format: CD
Year Recorded: 2015
Luca Luciano
Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni - Piano and Guitar
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Homage to Puccini01.  Luca Luciano: Homage to Puccini   2:08
Lied for Clarinet Solo02.  Luciano Berio: Lied for Clarinet Solo   4:32
Divertimento No. 1303.  Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 13   2:33
Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets04.  Luca Luciano: Fantasia for Demi-Clarinets   3:43
Homage to Poulenc05.  Luca Luciano: Homage to Poulenc   2:01
Fragment No. 606.  Luca Luciano: Fragment No. 6   3:31
Divertimento No. 1107.  Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 11   2:58
Study on Quarter-Tones08.  Luca Luciano: Study on Quarter-Tones   1:13
Study on Microtonal Trills & Tremolos09.  Luca Luciano: Study on Microtonal Trills & Tremolos   1:21
Mosquito10.  Luca Luciano: Mosquito   0:57
Impromptu Variations on Stravinsky's 'Three Pieces'11.  Luca Luciano: Impromptu Variations on Stravinsky's 'Three Pieces'   5:18
Divertimento No. 1212.  Luca Luciano: Divertimento No. 12   1:29
Two Miniatures for Guitar and Piano13.  Luca Luciano: Two Miniatures for Guitar and Piano   2:04
Duo Lucatelle-Bartoloni - Piano and Guitar

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