Clifford Leaman, Scott Herring

Formed in 2005, the RoseWind Duo consists of Scott Herring, percussion, and Clifford Leaman, saxophones. They have given numerous performances and clinics at Universities across the country and at many professional conferences, including the 2007 NASA Region 7 Conference in Greensboro, NC, the 2007 South Carolina Music Teachers Association State Conference, the 2007 International Navy Band Saxophone Symposium and the 2008 Biennial Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance.

Tayloe Harding offers ". . .A Mile... is conceived as the tip of a duo iceberg that has nothing yet below the surface. It is a brief encounter with scalar phrygian lines."
Eckhard Kopetzki composed the piece Night of Moon Dances for Marimba solo and Percussion Ensemble in 2004 for the "International Marimba Competition" in Belgium.
Reginald Bain was commissioned by the Herring/Leaman Duo, Luminescent (2007) for alto saxophone and marimba was inspired by noctilucent clouds, night-shining clouds that hover 50-60 miles above the earth's surface.
John Fitz Rogers's work, Release, was commissioned by the South Carolina Music Teachers Association in 2006 for Clifford Leaman and Scott Herring, and the work is dedicated to them.
Braxton Blake's Nine Etudes were composed in the summer of 1997 for the saxophonist Jürgen Demmler and the percussionist Franz Lang, who premiered the work on April 19, 1998 in Offenburg, Germany. The end of each etude offers a descriptive, somewhat cryptic postscript that refers to images, experiences, or factual events.
Paul Siskind's Memoriale is a somber, lyrical piece. It was written in memory of percussionist Michael Hooley, a colleague who passed away in 2000 at a tragically young age. The main melodic and harmonic motifs of the piece are loosely based on a musical spelling of the letters in Mike's name. Memoriale was co-commissioned by saxophonists Matthew Patnode and Randall Smith, and was premiered at the World Saxophone Congress in 2003.

1-3 Shadows of Wood (2000)
Eckhard Kopetzki
1 Chestnut Dance 2:54
2 Weeping Willow 2:34
3 Limes in the Wind 3:03
4 Luminescent (2007)
Reginald Bain
5-13 Nine Etudes (1997)
Braxton Blake
5 Certain Birds 1:06
6 Two Stories 2:31
7 Red Trees 1:14
8 Contained Freedom 2:21
9 Lost Exits 1:18
10 Reluctant Procession 1:20
11 Surfacing 1:50
12 Sparkle's Song 1:32
13 Red Tide 1:54
14 Memoriale (2003)
Paul Siskind
15-18 Strange Dreams (2002)
Nathan Daughtrey
15 Unheard Music 3:34
16 Ballerina Mom 1:23
17 Mermaid Song 3:31
18 Pools of Light 1:54
19 Release (2006)
John Fitz Rogers
20 A Mile of Phrygian at 60 (2007)
Tayloe Harding
Total Playing Time 57:47

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